Letting Go Tips and Ideas

Your vision will become clear when you look into your heart.
Who looks outside, dreams.
Who looks inside awakens.

Carl Jung

Even though this site is dedicated to the no-thought practice of letting go, I have personally benefited from simple thought based techniques shared here.

Ancient Hawaiian Practice of Letting Go

 Dr Len is a modern day  Hawaiian who practices an ancient letting go technique called, Ho’oponopono.  The essence of this is to “clean” all that you witness with a simple prayer.  When your kids are dancing on your last nerve silently say the four lines and repeat if necessary.  If something on television disturbs you in any way say the prayer.  Youtube has some beautiful and musical renditions of this practice.  It is a thought based but very simple form of letting go.  I like it because of the innate vigilance of the practice and the high truth (We are One) it is inspired by.   Mabel Katz even wrote a book on the process called, The Easiest Way.  I have used the practice myself many, many times over the years.  Whenever I found myself thinking negatively about what I saw or who I was with or even about myself I would say silently,

I’m sorry, I love you.  Please forgive me. Thank you.

~ inspired by Ho’oponopono

Byron Katie and The Work

This powerful inquiry uses 4 questions to delve into the revelation that our thoughts don’t mean anything.  It is an effective way to let go and I recommend Katie’s website as a generous place to explore her method.