How to Let Go

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The Letting Go technique is simple.  It’s so simple you may dismiss its incredible power.  If you catch yourself doing this, let go.

All you need to let go is an emotion, a negative one.  This feeling is attached to many thoughts, perhaps a story or a dozen similar experiences.  However it presents, the overall energy is negative.

1.  Identify a negative feeling.   

Artwork by Ella Montgomery

Now quiet your mind and there are many ways to do this.  Here are a few suggestions that have worked for me.  Thoughts are not helpful in the letting go process except to alert you into the process.

2.  Clear away all thoughts.

Focus quietly on the feeling.  Breathe into the sensations and allow them to be.  Here all you do is breathe and accept the feeling inside you.  It doesn’t matter where you are (home, work, driving, having coffee with a friend) just go from unconscious breathing to conscious.  The sensations may be very uncomfortable.  That’s ok.   Just breathe and allow the feelings to be where they are.  Let go the need to give the feeling a name.  I like the general word, sensations.  You may notice these sensations begin somewhere specific in your body and you may discover they are everywhere.  Simply breathe and allow.

artwork by Ella Montgomery

3.  Breathe into the sensations and allow them to be.

Your willingness to accept the sensations may intensify them.  This is ok too.  Keep breathing and allowing.  Thoughts are not required.   With your breath, create an intention to accept what’s happening inside you.  Breathing into the sensations releases your resistance.  It’s the resistance that is causing you pain.  It’s your thoughts about the pain that keep you stuck and unwilling to let go.  Your willingness to let go thinking and accept what’s happening is your ticket to inner freedom.   Each time you sense a disruption inside, turn down the volume on the thoughts, breathe into the sensations and allow them to be.  This is all you need do to let go.  Simple.  The challenge comes in being vigilant with letting go all negativity – no exceptions.  Including your favourite wound reserved for social settings.  Of course, that story gets you attention!  It will even tell you, “you’re not interesting” without it.  Let go the sensations around social acceptance or whatever comes up.

4.  Repeat when necessary.

Letting Go for Everyone

Letting Go for Everyone

For fun, imagine a world where all the people have let go.  You are surrounded by delightful, creative, deeply loving and authentic friends.  Nobody has hang-ups or low self-esteem.  When life gives them lemons they seek the lesson instead of lemon-ting.  When they let go a crisis all that’s left inside is a harmless, concluding statement, “Well that happened and I made it.”  This world of burden-less people live fearlessly.   They are full of energy.  (Note:  If you sense any resistance around visualizing this world where people have let go, stop reading and let go now).  All it takes to create a world like this is for one person to be willing to let go.  When you do, others will sense your courage and be inspired to do the same.

Monkey See Monkey Do!

Monkey See Monkey Do!

It was your inner courage that brought you here or perhaps it was a painful potato?!  Read the Potato Story.

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This blog is based on my personal experience with the collective works of Dr David R Hawkins.  His last book, Letting Go:  A Pathway to Surrender (2012) is what motivated me to commit to the process.  The fact that it works is why you’re reading this.

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