Letting Go Challenges Part 2


We continue our posts relating to common challenges that arise while letting go.

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Letting Go Challenge # 2 I can’t feel anything (What sensations?!)

So you hear about this simple yet effective method to achieve inner freedom. It’s free and available round the clock. Even when you can’t sleep. You’re impressed with the possibilities. “That’s worth a try!” you declare.

Only at your first, second and perhaps 10th attempt, there appears to be a problem.

You can’t feel your body. No sensations. Nada. What’s more, there’s this thought tape saying over and over, “I can’t feel anything. What sensations?! I don’t notice anything. What’s she talking about? I don’t get the breathing part!”

“How can I let go of something I can’t feel?!”

The ego-mind is sneaky. When it senses you’re heading for freedom (from pain), ego swings into action. Programs and beliefs against letting go are loaded. Of course you can’t feel. You’ve been stunned by limiting beliefs!

Something else. As you know, having a quiet mind is essential to letting go.

But thinking about not feeling has got you thinking.

Ahhh!  (see what I mean by sneaky?)

Ego – 2   Self – 0

Don’t get discouraged. You’ve got this. Let’s cancel all the mental silliness and get back to noticing what’s going on from a quiet mind. Remember, each time you sense a comment emerging from the peanut gallery, “Shush it!” Shhh!

Key Point: Do not allow the negative thought to form.

Oh and if you can sense a thought forming then you CAN feel something. Gotcha!

The, “can’t feel the body” stuff is just resistance (thanks ego). It will pass and you will feel plenty.

Your intention is:

…to let go what stands in the way of my inner freedom and happiness

Stick to this (or some version of it that fits for you). Don’t give up. It’s the intention that drives the entire process.

Just keep intending to Let Go.

How does that feel?

art by Ella Montgomery

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