Why Let Go?

To begin an answer to the question “Why Let Go?” here’s a story.  Listen to Doree tell the story.


The Potato Story

When a child is born we give them a magical burlap sack, a potato sack.  The child is encouraged by their family, friends and those around them to carry this sack everywhere.  Then the child learns when life gets hard or something bad happens we use a potato to remember it and place it in our potato sack.  Every time we’re disappointed in ourselves or others we get a new potato.  Each morning upon waking we pick up the sack of potatoes and take it with us wherever we go.  Imagine that sack of potatoes over time. It gets heavy.  Somedays it feels so heavy we don’t think it’s possible for us to carry.  So we drag it.  Old potatoes inside shoot out eyes and roots in a tangled mess. Image They shrivel and rot.  It’s not long before our heavy sack of potatoes begins to stink.  Somedays the smell is unbearable.  We have get-togethers with others and bring our potatoes.   At these times we dig into our stinky sacks and take out potatoes to talk about.  We listen to sad and scary potato stories.  Then we put everything back and drag it home.  Some nights before bed we dig through the pile and remember many old potatoes.  It can be a form of awful entertainment.  Occasionally we wonder about leaving a potato. Then we change our mind and put it back.  Life gets heavy and some days it really stinks.


Then one day it occurs to us that we could let some of this burden go.  We could dig a hole and bury a potato or leave a few by the side of a road.  Once let go they naturally compost.  With less potatoes we have more energy.   The air is fresher and we discover ourselves breathing deeply maybe for the first time ever.   A small few of us have left their entire sacks behind.  They smile and shake their heads at any potato and move through life feeling very light-weight.  Potato-less.  Sometimes they teach others how to let go of their potatoes.  Are you ready and willing to let go of your potatoes?

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