Letting Go of Clutter

How can we use the Letting Go process with our possessions?

Let Go of your Clutter

Let Go of your Clutter

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Letting go of stuff is the same as letting go of pent up negative energy in your body.  It’s the glorious realization that you’d been holding on to something for no good reason.  Incidentally, the only good reason is love.  Do you love it?  Then keep it.  “Wait a minute” you say, “I don’t love my toilet but I’m not putting it on the curb anytime soon.”  “I need that thing and a pile of other stuff I don’t love.”

Let’s expand our view of love for a moment with the help of Dr Hawkins.  Love is actually a way of being in the world.  It really has nothing to do with attachments (to things or people).  Love in this sense is gratitude for the energy that serves you in your life and that includes your own energy.  It’s having a deep appreciation.  So don’t tell me your toilet is unappreciated or that you aren’t grateful to have one.  In this sense you might agree that you do love your toilet.  Now apply love as a way of being (grateful and appreciative) to other items around you.  Play with the letting go technique while you go through some of your possessions.  I’m certain you will discover some very interesting insights into the energy you associate with your stuff.

The Reduce Your Clutter movement has been gaining momentum over the years.  We’ve been encouraged to Simplify Our Life by living clutter-free.  As an intuitive, I sense another aspect to this picture. Reducing clutter is an indication of our increasing awareness of energy.  Clutter has a numbing effect not unlike excess body fat, consuming carbohydrates or alcohol.  As we let go our excess and unloved stuff, we release our energy draining attachments.  We become, “un-numb”.  Getting rid of cutter is a physical form of letting go.  Many people who clear out their homes often happily discover they have lost body weight as well.

“Are you should-ing all over yourself?”

Imagine a few items you possess for the simple reason that you “should keep it”.  Maybe one thing is a family heirloom, another was created by your daughter when she was only 4 years old and there’s that high school year book with a goofy note from your first love.  “I should keep all that stuff” you plead.  “It’s sentimental!”  First of all “should” always means guilt is involved.  So move into the big question, “Do I love it?”  “Does it evoke a sense of gratitude and appreciation?”  Or is it time to let it go? People who carry excess body weight are often full of unconscious guilt which is projected on their possessions in the form of, “I should keep this.”  Let go your stuff, let go your guilt and lose the excess body fat which acted as a cushion from all that negative energy you carried around. If you haven’t read The Potato Story on this website, visit the page entitled, Why Let Go? to learn more about why we even have all that negative energy in our cells.

Letting go of clutter takes courage.   Because courage comes from the heart, love is very much involved here.  So remember to use the question, Do I love it?” when you’re reducing clutter.

One more thing to consider.  After you’ve let go of your stuff physically and emotionally be sure to anchor the good feelings of lightness and freed up energy.  Take a few minutes to sit in silence.  Bask in the gratitude and appreciation for the things you do have around you.