How to Relax


Need to relax? Avoid this common mistake.

Don’t tell the body to relax. It doesn’t work. This demand actually increases physical tension! (You secretly knew this, didn’t you?)

So how do we relax?

The key is body placement. If you learn how to position your body you’ll begin to relax naturally.

Find a place where your back will be protected. This could be a high back chair or with pillows against a wall. Even moving so your back is shadowed by a wall makes all the difference. Protecting your back gives a signal to the body that it’s safe. This is a primal signal. No self-respecting caveman would put his back to the cave’s entrance.

Make any adjustments for comfort.

Focus now on specific body parts. Notice your shoulders. Breathe gently and just notice if there’s anything going on in your shoulder area. Then move to your jaw and do the same thing (remember, not to tell your body to relax). Breathe and notice any sensations. Let your tongue float in your mouth. Now gently close your eyes.

Breathe into your belly and then into any sensations that arise in and around the body. If, at any point, you feel like smiling, do! A tiny grin is a cue for safety and wellbeing. Imagine the Mona Lisa smile. A tension-free face is always a work of art.

Finally, make two agreements:

  1. Permission to Go Within ~ Tell yourself, “I have permission to do some inner work”.
  2. Declare your Worthiness ~  Acknowledge, “I am worth the time I’m taking to do this.”

Now you’re prepared to meditate, do some healing work, enjoy a guided imagery or practice letting go.

This blog post was inspired by the work of Dr. Mario Martinez