Seeking the Truth in Modern Times

buddha_relics2_649_320_85About 10 years ago my life was in ruins. I was tired of all the bullshit (mine included) and just wanted to hear the truth. I became a student of truth. No, I did not, “find God” or get religion. None of that organized stuff had any appeal to me. This was an inner process. I learned truth has a quality – a certain hum. A resonance I could feel. I discovered all the great teachers agree on what truth is. I also learned much of our human life is to show us what truth is not.

I realized living the truth is the hardest but most rewarding work I’ve ever done. In every moment of my life, I have a choice to either live the truth or “juice” negativity. Some days are harder than others. But I can’t go back to being small and scared and unaware. I can’t tell others what it is either. They have to confirm it for themselves.

What has been helpful to me is to listen to wise teachers. Take in what they say and apply it to my own experience. I seek the “hum” for myself. I’ve been doing this daily for so long now. I’m happy to encourage you.

There are so many superb teachers – Buddha, Krishna, Jesus, Dalai Lama, and if you love science check out David Bohm, Gregg Braden (most recent work), Rupert Sheldrake, or Carl Jung. Heck, read about Socrates! His commitment to the truth (like Jesus’) was greater to him than his physical life.

My favourite modern day teacher of truth is, Dr. David R Hawkins.
YouTube provides a great introduction to the “Doc”. I invite you to listen but with a warning. The truth is not for people who offend easily. It requires courage.