Letting Go of Being “Spiritual”

I recently posted this comment on my Facebook page…

When people say, “I’m not religious. I’m spiritual”, what does that mean?

I’ve said it too. Many times.

What did I mean?

I’m not going to say that anymore.

Instead, I’m going to find the place (inside me) beyond this or that. Where religious OR spiritual doesn’t exist.

Then, I’m gonna hang out there for a while.

                                                             ~ Doree

Ironically, my intention (above) is a spiritual one. It’s letting go of duality. Most commonly we see duality arise when we say, “I’m not that, I’m this.”

I’m not fussy (like you), I’ll eat anything.

I’m not sick (like you), I’m healthy.

I’m not reactive (like you), I’m peaceful.

I’m not judgemental (like you), I accept others.

I’m not religious (like you), I’m spiritual.

This form of dualistic thinking says: “You are you and I am me – there is no “us”.   Duality is separation.

Ever notice it’s not what someone is that irks us but what they are not. This is duality at work and the reason you might pay attention is simple.

Duality is the opposite of love.