Ideal Preparation for Letting Go

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Sometimes there is no preparation possible with letting go and one gets right to the silencing of the mind and breathing into and welcoming the sensations noticed in the body. However, if you are creating a letting go practice, I have some suggestions.

Dr Mario Martinez, creator of the audio program, The Mind Body Code, shares some wonderful research and techniques on relaxing the mind and body. He suggests ideally we need to create a physical sense of safety by first protecting the back. Maybe by sitting comfortably against a wall or in a high back chair. Another suggestion is to not, try to relax. Asking the body to relax only seems to create tension. Instead to gently breathe into the body and to create what Dr Martinez says is a Mona Lisa smile. This is a physical indicator to the mind that says, I am safe.

The mind body expert, Dawson Church, suggests the brain goes into relaxed, receptivity when we physically drop our tongue – just let it drop in our mouth. He also recommends with closed eyes, we visualize a field of black, behind our eyes. This visual is said to instantly shift our brain waves telling the body it’s safe and inducing relaxation and calm.

Dr David R Hawkins, the inspiration behind, encourages us to remember we are free to let go or not. Nobody is being forced to let go. It is a choice.

We are merely utilizing our own inner nature to get freer and happier.  ~ Dr David R Hawkins

The most common times I would use these ideas to help me prepare is during my planned practice. Typically, when I am waking in the morning and as I’m drifting off to sleep. I am at these times quite relaxed and comfortable. I will silently ask if there is anything I need to let go of and then tune into my body, cease all thinking and breath into the areas of my body I notice. Maybe there’s a crick in my neck, I breathe into it until I no longer feel it. Then I keep going, breathing and noticing the sensations then breathing into these. The overall effect is wonderful and I will either drift off to sleep at night or if it’s morning, I rise feeling quite full of energy.

Often after letting go, I naturally feel a deep sense of gratitude for the simple practice.