Provocative Questions for Letting Go

Ask yourself one of these questions and begin to answer it.  As you feel the negative emotional energy rise begin the Letting Go Process.

Repeat with another aspect of the question or select another.  In the comments below please share any provocative questions you may have and they will be added to the list.

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Is there someone you feel resentment towards?  What happened?


Tell the story of a time when you felt awfully embarrassed?

sketchbook nude man

Finish this sentence, I disappoint myself when…

What is really wrong with this world?

Would I rather be happy or right?

MORE provocative questions from my readers…

Thank you, Adam, for these!

What’s wrong with being successful?

What was your biggest failure?

Whom does your heart still ache for?
Record a video monologue of yourself talking about some challenge. What do you feel when you watch the video?

Thank you, Tracey, for these wonderful questions for Letting Go.

What do you wish never happened?

What do you feel guilty about?