Letting Go of Sugar

Letting go of sugar offers sweet surprises.

The Not so Sweet Things about SugarAre you part of the sugar pandemic? Did you know over one quarter of the world is functionally hypo-glycemic? Symptoms ranging from irritability and mopiness to crazy uncontrollable outbursts. Then there’s the weight-gain, emotional binging and weird cravings.

On table sugar, I can’t stay focused. It seems to take me to another dimension. Oh it’s sweet getting there but then you realize, “Hey, nothing’s getting done”. This occurs to you while munching on a fresh bag of organic caramel corn. Organic sugar does not solve this, people.

What can we do? I’m not going to sugar-coat it. You need a degree of self love to kick this one and a day to make your move.

First the self-love.

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The practice of letting go naturally reveals more self-love. If you aren’t practicing letting go here’s where to start (and it’s SO simple).

One Sugar -free Food Day…You’re On Your Way!

Next, we take a day where distractions are less. It might be a home day for you or one where your kids are away. On this day, you’ll enjoy foods rich in protein, good fats and complex (slow burning) carbohydrates, high in fiber. Try to select food closest to its original form. This is a whole foods – no packaged foods day.

Note: High fructose corn syrup is not natural. Naturally occurring sugars (fructose), however, are fine but for your sugar-free day, limit or avoid anything sweet.

As you eat, practice letting go. Really be present to your food and the sensations it creates in your body. Chew. Tune into the pleasures of eating. You’re nourishing your body with loving kindness.

And Now for Some Sweet News… 

Kicking the sugar habit is so easy! After only one day, you’ll have a massively diminished interest. Consider replacing cane sugars with fructose (fruit sugar), xylitol (birch bark sugar), stevia (sweet leaf), agave or any other natural sugars that are low glycemic. My favourite form of sugar is found in tree fruit or berries.

Sugar should be for art, not for eating...

Sugar should be for art, not for eating…