Letting Go or The Sedona Method

If you’re motivated to achieve inner freedom, you’re in luck!

The world is abundant with effective, self-healing options.

Many are free! Self-hypnosis, meditation and Dr Hawkin’s, Letting Go method featured here, are examples.

As a former self-help junkie, I’ve run the gamut. And I want to share the most powerful lesson gleaned from many years and heaps of money invested. Here it is, (and it’s free 🙂

A hallmark of truth is found in it’s simplicity.

Look for simple, low cost, solutions to life’s challenges. The ego loves to complicate everything. And the world of Self-Help and Self-Healing are not immune. If you discover a healing method with more than 3 or 4 steps, keep searching. If you find a “program” with multiple “levels” separated by time and more cash, move on. And, I can’t stress enough, if what’s put to you has secrets (attached to levels), RUN!

moonellaIt’s likely a cult, masquerading as self-help.

What about similar methods to our Letting Go method? Before you open your wallet too widely, remember, letting go is a natural human process.

Children let go effortlessly.

In learning how to let go, you’re simply re-awakening an innate ability.

So what about, The Sedona Method, The Release Technique, The Work and others?

Like I said, if it’s simple, reasonably priced, passes the cult test and you feel a fit, wonderful! You have the free will to choose.

For a wee bit more on the Sedona Method, I’ve shared my response to a recent reader letter.

Hi Doree,

I was wondering if the Sedona Method is the same method of letting go that Dr David R Hawkins speaks of in his book. The same method that you yourself talk of.

I have tried to let a feeling come up, let it rest there and then let it go, but it doesn’t feel right. Like I’m doing it wrong or something. I don’t seem to feel as much emotion in the resting there as I feel like I should, and so then it doesn’t feel like I’ve let it go at all.

I’m wondering if there is anywhere in Australia that you know of, or elsewhere that teaches this method in a retreat or as a course, so that at least I could feel like I’m getting it right.

Thank you so much for your inspiration!


Hi C,

I’m thrilled to hear from you and to learn I’ve inspired you.

Dr Hawkins apparently worked with Lester Levenson the creator of the Sedona Method back in the late 70’s. I’m quite familiar with The Sedona Method having used it myself. At present, Hale Dowaskin has the license and has produced many courses and products including a series of apps called, Letting Go.

For me, the strength of Dr Hawkin’s method is what it doesn’t include. It is absent of mentalizing in any form. The Sedona Method has you asking yourself questions. I found this aspect kept me in my head. I have a tendency to over-think. I analyze. Heck, I even dramatize! Any excuse to stay in the intellect sees me refining and reshaping the issue. Many people escape into substances, overeating, mindlessly watching TV. I escape into my mind. This awareness makes Dr Hawkin’s, Letting Go method a fit for me.

Now to what you present in the second paragraph of your letter. “I have tried…but it doesn’t feel right…I’m doing it wrong…I should…” These are all judgments you’ve made. Criticisms which won’t occur in a quiet mind.

I cannot overemphasize the value of a quiet mind. This could take time and vigilance on your part but you have nothing to lose. Thoughts, such as the ones you shared, are resistance to letting go.

I would love to say I know of a practitioner in Oz, who teaches, Letting Go. The closest I’ve been is with an online group I lead last year. Participants joined from as far off as Germany and Texas. We met weekly on GoToMeeting for 6 months and practiced together for an hour. And the synergistic healing available in a group is outstanding!. One member would bring up an issue. We’d all go silent and practice letting go. Not surprising, participants reported feeling better (lighter, more relaxed, fresh) even when an issue wasn’t theirs. I loved it! 🙂

I will be completing the Letting Go Practitioner Course very soon. This may be an option for you.

Finally, please know the power of your intention. If it is to, “let go,” no matter what, (and no giving up) you will be successful. Inner freedom is not obtained overnight. Enjoy the journey!

Much love to you,