Letting Go with Your Inner Child

For those practicing Letting Go, we’ve made a common discovery. Much of what’s at the root of our trauma happened in childhood. If you’re anything like me, that poses a problem. For most of my adult life, I could not access my childhood memories. It’s like the child inside me had a note on her door…

Do NOT Enter.

But memories aren’t important to letting go, you say.

Why not set your intention to let go of childhood trauma and get to work? 

Well, that’s eventually what I did. With the help of some guided meditations. Then, I made my own, first ever Inner Child Meditation for Letting Go. It’s short, (12 Minutes) and primitive (kind of like a child), but the feedback I’ve received is that it works.


Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Pexels.com

I post it here and hope,

as always, it helps you to let go…

Inner Child Meditation for Letting Go