Letting Go Challenges Part 3

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A Letting Go Practice yields results. All you need is a willingness to let go. Then, learn the simple letting go method and voila! You’re on your way to releasing pent up negativity, disease and chronic pain.

People willing to let go can look forward to life-giving benefits.

Here are a few:

Benefits to Letting Go

  • reduction and elimination of stress
  • improved relationships
  • increased happiness
  • clarity of Self, purpose (revealing answers to the Big Questions in Life)
  • improved physical well being and healing
  • live in and embrace the present moment
  • handle change
  • offer compassion, forgiveness, love and understanding towards others and self
  • reveal inner wisdom and guidance
  • achieving a sense of “benign indifference” to old hurts, traumas, and suffering

Yes, letting go works. Until you forget about it.

I’m not kidding. It’s my toughest letting go challenge. I seldom struggle to quiet my mind (challenge #1). I aptly listen to my body (challenge #2). My grande problema is going unconscious and forgetting that I could let go.

Let’s paint a picture. I’ll use myself as the subject because I know how people love blogs written in the 3rd person 🙂 (Haha! It’s letting go time!)

How Easily We Forget

Doree receives some disturbing news. She becomes emotionally distraught. Forgetting to let go, she makes a mindless choice between two doorways. Behind Door 1 we witness a dramatic melt down. Doree could let go, but she’s too busy being a Drama Queen.


Behind Door 2 it’s dark. If Doree pushes through this door, we won’t see her for some time. If we do, it’s too dark for her to see us.This is the door leading to shame, guilt and self-loathing. For Doree it is the darkest place.


In the past, loving friends have knocked on both doors.

“I’m sorry this is happening Doree. You know, you could let it go.”

In the early days of letting go a friend would knock many times. These days a knock gets results as Doree flings open the door and says,

“Oh yah. I can let go! Why didn’t I think of it?! Thanks for reminding me.”

How to Keep the Fire Going in Your Letting Go Practice

Like many people, I feel excitement tapping into self-help. I have a deep inner desire to learn and grow. The ideas ignite inside me. I’m on fire with possibilities! Like a piece of metal, I become flexible with heat. But just like metal, put out the fire and I go back to being rigid.

So how do I keep the fire going in my letting go practice? How do I stay flexible and open? How do I remember I have the choice to let go?

One way is to enlist your loved ones as champions. Share how, in the past, you’d “juice” the negativity.

“You know how that topic would get me on a rant? Well, I’m intending to do something different from now on. I’m going to let it go. And, if you like, you could help me.”

When your loved one sees you struggle, ask them to gently remind you.

“I wonder, dearest… If you might let that go.”

Post-it notes saying, “Let Go” are great reminders. Beginning and ending each day with some letting go time might help too.

Just admitting you tend to go unconscious at stressful times is a huge start.

Before I forget. Thank you for reading and for letting go.