How to Be, Do or Have Anything

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Our world is full of ideas and practices to help you get what you want.  Many of these methods don’t work.  Some have benefits but contain flaws or traps. How can letting go help?

Do you relate to a fear of success?  It may surprise you to learn that fear of success is not actually a fear.  It’s a desire.  The desire to become someone else.  It’s often found in “career students”. Instead of actually living your dreams or the new and improved self, you take another course or read another book (visit another website…hmmm). Followers of the idea of Law of Attraction can find themselves in a similar rut. Years pass and the vision remains glued on the board…unmanifest. So what’s going on?

It’s true that, “What you hold in mind tends to manifest” (David R Hawkins). However, the key phrase is, “tends to”. Within your desire is the possibility but there are no guarantees of actuality*. Therefore, if you take another course you may finally let go wanting to be more and effortlessly flow into your new career or you may not. Practicing the Law of Attraction can build awareness of self and reveal inner clarity but it can also be a trap. Here’s why.

Law of Attraction encourages the individual to connect powerful thoughts with richly felt emotion in order to manifest anything.  If you’re practicing letting go you already know that thoughts can really get in the way.  What’s more important is that the key emotion in law of attraction is desire.  Yet desire is a negative emotion. Oh sure, the wanting can feel quite exhilarating. But as many desire fed addictions (gambling, sex, substances, success, ways of thinking) have shown us, the overall effect, over time, is draining. If you hold your desire in mind and “feel the having” as encouraged with Law of Attraction it will show up as wanting (desire).  In doing this, you make a declaration of, “I don’t have”.  This results in prolonging the not having.  Practicing Law of Attraction may eventually get you what you want (often through eventual surrender) but the emotion of desire can render it ineffective. So how then do we manifest?

Dr Hawkins taught an elegant method for manifesting using Letting Go as the key practice. Here’s my version of how it works:

First create your vision – what you want (to be, have or do) and make this as creatively visual and emotionally attractive as you wish.
This is your intention. Then all you need to do is manage the negative emotion of desire connected to this intention. Whenever you feel the wanting of your intention, let go the feelings of wanting. If you catch yourself day dreaming about that new job, stop. Quiet the mind and go into the feelings and breathe as you would with any letting go experience. If you would like to revisit your intention occassionally there’s no harm in this. Let go on the feelings of desire.  Let go the sensations of craving or anything else that comes up during your letting go.

This method can be applied with wonderful results to any intention such as:


more money

better job

new home


travel plans

a cup of coffee or anything else under the sun!

The true Secret to getting what you want is to actually let go the emotion of wanting it.   Letting go reveals a life of open hearted, acceptance which gives a sense of completeness to each moment.  In other words, what more could you want?

*Spiritual note:  Occasionally, you may hit a karmatic wall and discover for whatever reason it’s not in the cards for you to be that or have that or go there.  Can you let go the not having and trust this is for your best?