Letting Go Challenges


Letting Go is a simple method.

Notice what’s going on in your body.

Then quiet your mind.

And breathe…(into the body’s sensations letting go any resistance).

~ Allow and Surrender to what is. ~

The practice is simple. It’s not easy. Challenges arise often right from the start. This next series of posts will address common and confounding challenges to letting go.

Common CHALLENGES to Letting Go

Challenge #1 – I can’t quiet my mind!

If this is your lament, you’re in abundant company! I get many letters requesting input on some version of quieting the busy mind. So what’s it all about? This thing we call, “my mind?”

Let’s lift the curtain and have a look.

Our minds are run by a human system (more on this) acting against inner peace and quiet. Many people live entire lifetimes filled with non-stop mind chatter. The only relief comes with sleep, being unconscious or sedated by drugs or TV. It rarely occurs to us that we could have some quiet-time upstairs.

A noisy mind is a wall to personal growth while a quiet mind is a keystone.

~ Doree Blake

We exist in a world addicted to negative thinking. Our minds are rumpus rooms of random thoughts, regretful stories, prideful opinions and fear-mongering news.

“I can’t stop this damn ruckus!” you wail. Your real voice goes unheard amidst the cacophony.

art by Fabienne Montgomery

The moment you declare your desire to have some peace and quiet, the fun starts. It gets worse. More random thoughts ignite. Analysis and inner debate ensue. All held by the belief, “I am my thoughts.”

Utter nonsense.

Unsolicited thoughts, opinions, musings, criticisms, stories of what happened are never you. Never.

“If you were your thoughts, then you could stop them.”

~ Dr David R Hawkins

Not you, thoughts emerge from an impersonal system called, ego. Hacking into this system can be eye-opening and eventually, liberating. It’s a game changer and worth further study. *Some of my study is featured in this blog.

Ready to Unplug?

The greater your understanding of the human-ego wiring, the closer you are to unplugging it. Why would you want to unplug? Because who you really are (your True and gentle Self) lives underneath. This True Self cannot be harmed or undone. It is the Self pondering, “What would love do?” amidst the nasty chaos. This Self forgives, shows acceptance and kindness. This is the everlasting, loveable YOU. The journey to unplug the ego results in inner freedom and the happiness we seek.

So ask yourself…

Am I worth a quiet mind? 

A Quiet Mind in Three Steps

Step 1.

Take a day or two and observe your ego-mind. Reserve any judgement (it’s not who you are anyways). Just notice the comings and goings of thought. What, who and when are the triggers to thinking? Become aware of the ego-minds favourite topics. What does it love to complain about? How would it say you’ve been wronged? Take a “step back” and have a look.

Step 2.

Assuming you’re willing to embark on this journey to peace and quiet set an intention. Write it down and post it where you’ll see it a couple times a day. Something like this…

I now intend to exist from a quiet mind.

This is a powerful intention. Revisit it often. Use it to interrupt random thinking.

Step 3.

Tap into some tools to soothe the ego-mind. Try them out and select one you might use for at least 30 days. Many to choose from here.

A final word of encouragement. Be gentle with yourself. Let go any judgement of the experience. You are releasing a compulsive way of being that no longer serves your happiness.

Stay tuned for the next Letting Go Challenge – I can’t feel anything (What sensations?!)

This blog is dedicated to the profound work of the late Dr David R Hawkins. Dr David R HawkinsMy teacher.