Letting Go Your Fear of Money

This will be a short post with (hopefully) a powerful message.

It’s about money. Most of us were taught in some way that money is not cool. We learned to be suspicious of too much money. In our culture, money has many negative connotations.  It’s no surprise it doesn’t stick to us in nice ways. Yet isn’t money a neutral thing like air?  It’s like sex or even a gun (do I have your attention now?).

In it’s purest sense it is what it is until we go attaching our beliefs to it. Money becomes what we use it for and our intention behind the using of it (like sex and guns).  If you’re upset about the sex and guns comment consider this. Sex can be beautiful and create a glorious oneness between two people or it can be used for power, control or to do harm. Likewise, guns can help provide food and to protect or be used for evil. Back to money.

Bart, with ten thousand dollars we’d be millionaires. We could buy all kinds of useful things like… love!  ~ The Simpsons

So just for fun consider joining me in letting go the negative programming we carry (in our bodies, hearts, and minds) around money.

Notice I didn’t ask you to fall in love with it.  Just get it to neutral* and see what happens.

No man can tell whether he is rich or poor by turning to his ledger. It is the heart that makes a man rich. He is rich according to what he is, not according to what he has.

~ Henry Ward Beecher

Exercise: Wealth

Take a deep breath and allow it to fill your tummy. Drop your shoulders and let your tongue drop in your mouth. Belly breathe in and out. While you do this quiet your thoughts.  Now let’s enjoy a deep sense of safety and well-being.  Breathe into any sensations that arise in your body and around your body. Once you are in that cozy, gentle place introduce the word wealth. As you breathe in softly think it and stretch it out with your breath.  Then breath out the word in the same manner taking all the time you need for a long, delicious exhale. Chant the word wealth and weave it into your in and out breaths.  Do this at least 10 times or more if you like. Allow the corners of your mouth to break into a Mona Lisa smile.

In this gorgeous state of letting go your body will naturally heal. Your loveable body will also repair negative beliefs connected to money. It seems too simple to work but it does. A part of you might resist it and that is fine. Feel the resistance. Breathe into where it turns up in your body and do the exercise right after this.

After the above exercise is complete, identify what “wealth” means to you. Make a list of what comes to mind. You may discover it is a beautiful word to grow into.

*neutral in this case means a benign indifference

Welcome abundance and allow yourself to be wealthy in health, happiness and love