Letting Go To Reveal Your True Purpose

One of the most beautiful analogies of letting go, goes like this. Inside each of us glows a vibrant sun – our True Self, full of joy and purpose. Surrounding this gorgeous, loving orb are clouds and stormy weather (the many forms of negativity). They cover up our inner glow. Letting go, is the practice of clearing away these clouds to allow the sun (including your true purpose) to shine forth naturally and effortlessly!

artwork by Ella Montgomery

Letting go of “clouds” reveals the “sun”.

Inner Sun = Love, Peace, Joy, Happiness, Compassion, Kindness, Respect, Worthiness, Gentleness, Forgiveness, Humility, Acceptance…

Clouds, Storms, and Disasters = Needing to be Right, criticisms, clutter, being hurt in a relationship, grief, humiliation, blame, disappointment with children, trying to fit in

I recently listened to a recording of Gregg Braden (scientist and spiritual teacher). He said, all the solutions to our modern problems have been discovered but we can’t see them yet! We cling to the past and refuse to let go. Even when the solutions are staring us in the face we can’t see them because we are not “present”. We’re stuck in the problem (in the clouds). I was overjoyed to hear him say these things and to continue helping others learn how to become present to the healing power just behind the “clouds”.  So what’s just behind your clouds?

Your true purpose!

What is it?

Even if you think you know, I’d like you to frame it by answering the question, “What am I?”

Here are some possible answers:

I am love.

I am kind.

I am forgiving,

I am joy-filled!

“What am I?” gets you into that sun at the centre of your heart. Who am I? does not. In fact Who am I? will keep you stuck in the weather. Once you’ve identified the What then everything else becomes incidental.

When you hear the wise phrase, “To be IN the world but not OF the world,” that is what knowing your deepest purpose will do for you. It is a spiritual scalpel which you use to cut through everything. Then it really doesn’t matter so much who you choose to be or what you do, because you will serve the world by what you’ve become.

If this post felt too esoteric, please don’t fret. Just for today, choose a What am I? purpose and try it on. Set an intention to let go what’s in the way of this purpose and pay attention. At the end of the day, celebrate the moments where you lived from your purpose. Smile at the moments where you forgot, distracted by the weather. Then tomorrow, try again.

One more thing. If it feels like you have to give up who you think you are (as in occupation, favourite role or responsibility) you don’t! Above all, be normal and with the deep and peaceful knowing of your true purpose

Here’s to your sunny days!