Letting Go of Critics

In an earlier post on Letting Go of Being Humiliated, I shared a TED talk with Brene Brown on embracing vulnerability. I was so inspired by that talk that Brene became one of my heroes. Early this morning, I found another more recent talk by my hero. After watching, I realized again why I admire and love Brene Brown.  Her latest talk provoked this question.

How willing am I to stick my neck out and share what I believe?

Very quickly I answered myself. “Hey, I have a blog and a podcast.  I go to graduate school and have colleagues. I have business cards!”

Then I felt a clunk in my stomach as I envisioned myself on stage or at a book signing in (gasp!) a very public place. Terror set in.

So here’s the other part. I live in a beautiful home on acreage and homeschool my children. We are well provided for by my loving partner. Work for me looks like being on the computer, at the very most, Skype, GoToMeeting, or the telephone. I am well protected from the critics of the world. Just “turn off comments”, right? Don’t get me wrong, I love to sweat and get dirty, just not on stage and outside a garden or hot yoga class. So here’s me, faced with the realization that I am literally frozen by the thought of a nasty critic’s vile directed at me. I am Sesame Street’s Grover in, “Monster at the End of this Book” monsterattheend(incidentally one of my all-time fave children’s books). Where I have convinced myself that at each page in life if I turn it, there will be a monster on the other side. groverDoes anyone else relate to this?

Yet life has a way of turning pages despite all the duct tape, mortar and glue we use to hold these pages down. Which brings us back to me (my blog) and the realization that it’s time to stick my neck out for real.

We have met the enemy and he is us.

~ Walt Kelly

How did I get here?  I believe along the way,  I let go of enough of what was in the way.  Underneath all the “clouds” I cleared lived courage and authenticity. My truth and it said, “Get out there!”  So I have created an offering near and dear to my heart.

How about you? Are you ready? Is it time for you to stick your neck out and live your greatest purpose?

UPDATE:  On this topic of dealing with critics, I’d like to recommend a brilliant post by a fellow blogger, Alana Munro called, Haters Gonna Hate.


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