Letting Go of Allergies

Art by Ella MontgomeryDo you suffer from allergies?

I did. For about 15 years – I had red eyes and a stuffy nose. People would ask, “Are you ok? Have you been crying or something?” I enjoyed reactions to dust, pollens, cats and certain foods like milk and cane sugar. Costly, antihistamine drops were my only relief. What a delightful time.

Today I don’t have any allergies. None. Now, I’m fascinated by them. When someone tells me they have an allergy –  I hyper-tune. What’s this about? I wonder.

I contemplate the whole pet allergy pandemic happening right now. Dog’s eating only kangaroo because they’re allergic to every other kind of meat. Cats with hayfever.

I don’t remember allergic pets when I was a kid. I thought of my childhood dog and tried to remember what she ate.  A quick call to Mom. “What did you feed Angel?” So here it is. My dog lived for a healthy 18 years on table scraps.

“What you hold in mind tends to manifest”

~ Dr David R Hawkins

Allergies to wheat and other grains have become big business. Have you seen the price of a tiny box of gluten-free crackers? We’ve got GMO-free, Peanut-free, sugar-free, gluten-free? Do allergies make us feel free? More like in jail.

If I’m not mistaken – it looks like we’re under attack.

At these times, I turn to Louise Hay’s little blue book. With allergies, she connects being “allergic to life” as the mental root cause. Come on Louise. How could someone allergic to life even begin to see the wood for the sneeze? (I couldn’t resist).

Seriously, I’ve asked allergy sufferers (quite a few)  if perhaps they were “allergic to life”?  This question does not provoke an inquiry. You just get a droopy face look that says, “My ears are plugged from allergies – did you say something?” During the era of my Sneeze-fest, her notion didn’t help me either.

So what did?

How did I rid myself of those pesky symptoms?

Get ready to save some money on Kleenex, eye drops and Epi-pens! 

Letting Go of Allergies in 3 Simple Steps:

1. Connect with your infinite nature. There is nothing difficult about this. All you need is a willingness to make this connection. (don’t think about it – just be willing)

2. Affirm the truth (thank you, Dr. Hawkins, for inspiring this antidote thought). It goes like this:

 I am an infinite being. I am only affected by what I think about. An allergy to ______ no longer affects me. 

3. Tend to the garden of your mind. Plant and water the antidote thought frequently.  Remember to weed – practice letting go.

Imagine living allergy-free.

I believe you can heal your allergies. You are infinitely more powerful than a spore of pollen or a sip of milk. Your body needs to re-learn this.

Thank you, dear reader, for your courage to heal. You continue to delight and astound me.

Infinitely yours,